fredag den 14. august 2009

Divide society and rule

­"Ladies and Gentlemen, the enemies have been identified for a long time, Media and TVs are the most hideous weapons against you, to make believe, make you feel weak, be passive and most of all convince you to love your worst enemies, it’s well known by most intellectual throughout the world that without Zionist International Bankers and their lackeys Freemasons there could be universal peace not war, no bankrupting militarism, full employment without wage taxation, no hunger, no poverty, no inflation, no depressions or financial crises, no public debt and little private debt, and the burden of taxation on excess income and wealth."
Mankind can be what he was born to be:

Security Services are the only Terrorists in the world, Freemasonry teaches the politicians and Editors in Media and TV, how to lie and deceive you and create hate toward other people, but never at war profiteers, they hide the treacherous and illegal monopoly was given to Rothschilds family to print all important money like dollar, pound, Kroner, Euro, etc.. without any system of monitoring them.

Al-Qaida and it’s 5 years dead leader Bin Laden was created by CIA to recruit ignorant Muslims to fight against Russians in Afghanistan, Taliban repeatedly offered to arrest and hand Bin Laden over to the International Court and a week prior to the start of the war they even offered to give him directly to American, but they were ignored. American never wanted to get Bin Laden. Collin Powel said it and many American Generals confirmed it, but you never here this in TV, Cause the warmongers of International Bank owners Rothschilds, Rockefeller Warburg want to terrorize you, then with your consent take away the remains of your liberty and civil rights and drive all your angers and frustrations toward foreigners, Whom are suffering just like you, but react not wisely sometimes. Divide society and rule is the oldest politic used by suppressors, Dictators and Invaders to rule over and enslave people and nations and is still the most effective of all.

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