onsdag den 1. juli 2009

A letter to Henry Makow. PHD

June 14, 2009

election.jpg Please help Iranian people in their fight for freedom and against election fraud, Be a honest and free voice, let the world know about the stealing of Iranian people's vote and count it for Ahmadinejad.

In a one of the biggest ever election fraud in Iran and the world, Ahmadinejad was declared the winner just two hours after closing the all voting stations at 2.30 am Iran time.

People are SHOCKED EVERY WHERE, there are reports of mass arrest of two presidential candidates, Journalists, activist and also many people being shot and dead, Tehran and many cities are in turmoil and riot because, for the first time %80 of eligible Iranian people to vote participated in the election to kick out this fake, ugly and liar President, who is the shame of Iran, a National security threat and a danger for the whole world. he was so obviously defeated in TV Debate from his opponent, Mussavi called him a liar and a best friend of the Israel and not the Iranians, a gift to AIPAC, and guilty for disappearance of 800 billion dollar in his first 4 years term, he had no answer for those undeniable accusations, 50 million watched the debate and people where trying to show to foreign journalist their absolute support for Mussavi and their decision to vote against Ahmadinejad, by making making "Human chain" from north to south Tehran and rallying in all cities.

It is really an unbelievable deception, Rumours already are circulating about "Jews have voted for him" from people that never before spoke about Jewish influence inside Iran, Netanyahu found a perfect match to wage the war now , I smell a very dark future for the whole world and specially in Middleast. many people are crying in Iran because of this FRAUD and millions will suffer from now on.. How desperately even knowing the satanic plan, I was hopping, just maybe this time people could change the course of the destiny and stop this madness, but here we are again, they said Hitler got %70 of German people's vote, but Ahmadinejad with all international Media's help to make him a champion of anti Zionism could not get to even win the election HE FAKE IT.

Ahmadinejad is a New World Order advocate and the only way for The psychopath Elite to impose this Satanic rule to Iranians must be the hard way, and the hard way they will get, It will be sooner too, no doubt about it. we must get ready to fight and to take the info war to the core of people.

Mussavi describing Ahmadinejad's Treacherous Policy:

1- Our Forces arrested English marines inside our territory, he first said we should hang them and caused an international crises, then right after England issued a menace he goes and release them in a shameful manner. This is jeopardizing national security.
2- He went to Iraq and claimed without any prove or evidence that they wanna kidnap me, while all his travel was arranged by American in most secure place inside Iraq, he took pictures with American soldiers then come back, who wanted to kidnap him?
3- He asked Swiss president to talk and convince Obama to help him out with establishing Iran-US Diplomatic relation before Iranian Election.
4- By empty words like" wiping Israel off the map " and in Geneva with denying Holocaust, he united EU to not condemn Israel massacre in Gaza, this was the best help to Israel.

Then Ahmadinejad blame Mussavi's famous action and threat to Israel with sending soldiers to defend Palestinian people and refugees in 1983. it was actually Khomeini with a direct order stopped sending more troops and few Iranian Fighters made history in their fight against Israeli red hat Commandos.

Mussavi said : "His (Ahmadinejad) policy have chained Iranian roaming lion".

-- "Death to the dictator," they were crying on Dr Fatimi Street, now thousands of them shouting abuse at the police. Were they to endure another four years of the smiling, avuncular, ever-so-humble President who swears by democracy while steadily thinning out human freedoms the inevitable claims of massive electoral fraud and vote-rigging. Or, as the crowd round Fatimi Square chorused as they danced in a circle in the street: "Zionist Ahmadinejad - cheating at exams." That's when I noticed that the police always treated the protesters in the same way. Head and testicles. It was an easy message to understand. A smash in the face, a kick in the balls and Long Live the Democrator."
Robert Fisk, The Independent

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