tirsdag den 18. august 2009

CIA and Al-Qaida, a witness tale

I am a political refugee of UNHCR living in Denmark for more than 10 years, in fact Denmark brought me here by accepting an UNHCR’s urgency demand to give me protection and asylum status, because they could not protect me there in Laos any more because of Iranian Embassy’s pressure on the Communist regime of Laos to extradite me back to Iran, even my father was arrested in Iran to force me to go along with the extradition and he had an stroke under interrogation.

All this happened during my residence in Vientiane (capital of Laos) main Mosque, where nobody can expect to be a transition place for extremist terrorist, but it was and I was the witness of collaboration between CIA and Al-Qaida Terrorist that were trained in Afghanistan then Islamic missionaries were used to cover up their Identity, bring them via Thailand to Laos and by the help of USA Embassy in Lao P.D.R and with the very secure airline of Air France send them directly to Paris in France and of course from there they could go anywhere in Europe.

I will write the full and detailed story in another article.

I am under extreme surveillance, but I decide to publish what I was witness and do not care what the Mafia in this so called Democratic country would do to me, I did not become a Political Refugee to be silenced. For many years I was trying to convince myself with different excuses not to tell this event even to my closest friends and family members, I tried to bypass my conscience by researching in different political inconsistencies, I even exposed Ahmadinejad Jewish back ground with so many other hidden Jews and freemasons in Iranian regime, which themselves are very hot issues that many people do not want to believe, but I did not talked or wrote about my own testimony!

It was when I started to investigated the kosher slaughter in Denmark, then I got a serious death threat which triggered my inner wake up call, and that I do not wanna die without telling what I was witness, either people believe it or not, because one of the important excuses which hindered me of writing it down was the fact that I thought nobody is going to believe me, specially because I do not have any evidence.

But the fact is, I do not have any desire to get into the trouble and for what purpose? Only, I have to tell this story because I strongly believe this is my duty and responsibility, you just consider it and try to get the whole picture, the CIA made terrorism is not a secret, the perpetrators are the Zionists sitting in the City of London, Vatican, New York and Washington, using their brainwashing tool, the Media to convince you that the collaborations stopped at one point and their paid agents and pawns suddenly decide to fight against their owner and Masters.

What I’m trying to do is to inform as much people about this psychological warfare and the false propaganda against Muslims and to expose the real Terrorists, the CIA, MI6, MOSAD and their puppet in Denmark PET whom trying to silence me in a very shameful way.

This is my mission now, to reveal the truth, but all the truth with no boundary, no exception or consideration with no fear. I fear my conscience and my God more than anything.

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