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Ahmadinejad advocating Rothschild’s World Government

D-8 Summit in Abuja
Ahmadinejad is the only head of State that openly and repeatedly mentions and defends the necessity of creating a New World Order, lately he even becomes an active advocate of this Satanic Order.
Commenting on the details of the summit, Ahmadinejad said, "Issues such as the problems faced by the world, such as the economic crisis and the necessity for a change in the present world order, will be discussed in the summit and the Islamic Republic's representatives will present their views about the establishment of a new world order and global management."
Just an agent of the Rothschilds can say such a ting and not the President of an Islamic Republic. Why should Iranian let Zionist Bankers sitting in London or New York decided for their internal, foreign or business affairs?!
Only and only the puppets of the international Bankers advocating for this One World Government, like Zionist, Freemasons and Vatican. (Most powerful of these Bankers without any doubt are Rothschild family)

In his speech to the 7th Summit of D8, Ahmadinejad called for holding conference of the representatives of the member states including finance ministers and governors of central banks and scholars to design a new economic system on the basis of the divine values.
He said Iran was ready to host such a conference in an innovative manner.
Most people in the world are dissatisfied with the status quo and are expecting to have a New World Order, the Iranian president said.
Who really believe that the people of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey, the D8 members, want to be ruled by a World Government?!
But Bankers puppets are pushing and trying very hard for it and Ahmadinejad`s words will be translated and heavily propagandize in all around the Middle East, the International Media by covering up his Jewish back ground and the militarize regime he created after cheating in last election, and instead focusing on his empty threat against USA and Israel, made Ahmadinejad in the mind of most people an anti Zionist champion and someone who challenges the big power, that is why these words will help all traitors in the middle east to convince ordinary and passive people to accept this Satanic Word Order.
We know that the aim of building blocs of countries like EU and NAFTA is to prepare people psychologically to abandon their national pride and identity and make them used to getting order from Brussels instead of their national Parliament or elected Government, Media and Politicians have been trying very hard to manipulate people to accept EU in National Referendum which was promised from the beginning, but when France, Denmark and Holland rejected it, Politicians bypassed the people and in a Mafia type secret dealing behind the scene in Parliaments of those countries they voted to accepted the EU, and the Media justified the treacherous act of Politicians.
In non Democratic countries like those in Africa and Middle east will be much easier for the Bankers, because they have installed their puppets long time ago.
Ahmadinejad said the D8 countries had about one billion people, and added, “The group’s wide economic facilities and its great scientific abilities could lead to the formation of a powerful economic, cultural and political bloc.”
“The great economic crisis, the fall of political powers and the need to establish a world order based on justice will be discussed in the summit,” the Iranian president said.
Don’t forget the justice and divine value that the hidden Jew Ahmadinejad talks about will be defined by Luciferians Rothschilds. New World Order has its own new world religion; this wishful idea is not new! This is a very old and well known prehistoric ideology called Luciferianism.
What happened in Iran after the falsification of the last presidential election was the take over of the election process by Revolutionary Guards and forcefully declared Ahmadinejad as the President! That was the most documented, video taped and evident cheating of an election ever, but the international Media repeated the Iranian military regime’s propaganda and obvious lies by falsely claiming that the opposition has presented no proof!
The Zionist owned Media claims falsely to support Democracy around the world, but they have been silent about raping of Muslim girls and boys in Iranian prisons just because they protest against the falsification of last election, but because the Media needs the extremism in Middle-east to sell the war mongering policy of Rothschilds to the world population they ignore huge injustices going on against Iranian youth and students and instead they are focused on Nuclear issue which helps the military establishment of Iran to unite its supporters by fear of a foreign invasion threat.
But the real force behind Ahmadinejad is Hojjatieh society a so called extremist conservative group that its members are mostly Hidden Jews and Masons or extremely corrupt clergies. It’s a Masonic type society that even the first leader of revolution Khomeini warned people to be vigilant about this group and has said: “if these people (Hojjatieh) get in power, the revolution is over”. This is exactly what happened in Iran after the last election.
Despite all those anti Zionist propaganda of Iranian Mullahs and Ahmadinejad, Rothschild's Banks like Barclay and MSBC, their mining company Rio Tinto and their half owned oil company Shell have a kind of monopoly in Iran. Shell is actively causing tension in oil rich area in the south and Rio Tinto doing the same in the western and very strategic area of Kurdistan.
Iranian regime became the most divisive element in the entire Muslim world, by creating tension between Shia and Sunni Muslims and by empty anti Israeli threat and propaganda.
Fars news agency
Hindustan Tmes

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