mandag den 14. september 2009

Identifying the enemies

(Arrival of NWO and world currency).

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the enemies have been identified for a long time, Media and TV's are the most hideous weapons used against you; to make you believe whatever the elite of society wants you to believe, to make you feel weak, to be passive and most of all to convince you to love your worst enemies the owners of Banks and Corporations."

I name them as Rothschilds, The Crowned Heads of Europe and The Vatican .

It’s well known by most intellectuals throughout the world that Zionist International Bankers + war profiteers, the Super Rich Elite and their lackeys Freemasons High Priests and Satanist hidden Jews, those who are often the leaders and run the Political Parties, TVs, Newspapers, schools, Universities and every single institution that you can name it, are all very much united and under a very sophisticated plan to establish a New World Order, which is a Zionist Order dictated from Talmud and Marx's Manifesto: a Socialist communist order..

The Illuminati owned Media have tried very hard to deny this fact for many years, by labeling everybody who exposed the plan as a `conspiracy theorist` which for them means the `red line` where they are not allowed to touch or discuss, and even more shameful is the fact that many journalists and writers working for the mass media, have been tasked with the mission to prevent people from being informed about this, and the many other `hot` subjects which constitute the Global Conspiracy.

Just like the `anti Semitic` label they use to silence any critics against the Zionist, best example for this double standard is the deafening silence and the readiness to silence anybody who objects to the inhumane Kosher slaughter, which the majority of people are absolutely unaware of. The disgusting and unnecessarily brutal treatment of animals in their own country, and towards those that become the same food they eat! Instead they read about, and watch with passionate distaste news reports of dogs or cats being treated violently in China !!

By labelling any objection to the occupying of another people’s land and the Israeli freedom to kill, torture and steal the organs of children, as anti-Semitic. By the use of that single word, they close discussion on the subject, and the compliant media is thereby able to silence any further discussion.

It should be noted that 97% of the worlds Jews are neither Semitic, nor do they originate in Palestine. These `Ashkenazi's` homeland is the steppes of Ancient Khazaria in modern day Russia. The absolute and grotesque irony is that it is the true Arabs who are of the Semitic race.

Those in Media or anywhere else who deny conspiracies are denying the whole of human history which is full of conspiracy; those who publicly deny that powerful and super rich people do not conspire to get richer and more powerful are either bought and paid for agents to fool you, or are being fooled themselves.

Single words like spies, terrorist, separatist, Jihadis, Muslim extremist, or infidels and enemy fifth columns etc…are all very meaningless in reality, because those involved in acts of spying, terrorism, separation and participating in Jihad etc. (with the probable exception of some Palestinian Martyrs) are just agenturs of the Security Forces around the world, especially the Zionist Mosad.

By the use of single words to condemn or silence their opponents, it is a very simple and well known tactic used by every dictatorship. Iranian Mullahs are the very best example here; but very ruthless and vicious, and also very stupid in dealing with people who rise up against obvious and massive fraud in the counting of votes, in show trials of tortured political prisoners confessing to being spies and collaborators of the British in front of the TV cameras and thereby, all further discussion is closed, and we can just wait for the verdict!

At the same time Shell and the British Banks have huge contracts in Iran . They are supporting the Iranian regime with every sanction they can levy onto the Iranian people, so that the regime's agents can use their expertise on the Black Market to get richer while the people become ever weaker and poorer.

Medvedev impressed the world by presenting the new world currency at the G8 meeting in Italy. This is an act of outrageous arrogance by world’s Elite, intended for the impoverishment of the world, by wars and manipulation of the financial markets and money system, in order to create economic crises, and then present falsely the world single currency as the only solution.

Then they use it to advance the elite's wish to govern the whole planet.

It is also a most stupid gesture for the Russian Leader of all people to present this policy to the world, which is fully united against the Russian's interest, and it will definitely slow down their nation's progress because it will keep oil prices down and further continued controlled by Bankers.

You have the power! They still need your votes, and they still need you to believe in their lies. All you have to do is to refuse to be treated like a fool; demand respect, challenge the same people that lie over and again and when caught lying, are publicly `white washed` clean by the media so they can start to lie all over again!

Is it possible that you cannot see this, but I am fairly sure you can, because you are continuing to read this and I can understand that you care, therefore I should tell you my friend, believe in the power of one, of yourself, to know that you can change a lot, you can do it and have anything you want. You must really want it then.

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