lørdag den 20. september 2008

Rabbi David Rockefeller

Multitrillionaire oil bankster and media mobster Rabbi David Rockefeller, Jewish uncle of Jewish president Bill Clinton Blythe III and Jewish senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and founder of the World Trade Center, arrives at Bilderberg 2006 to implement the violent overthrow of US Govt via NAFTA merger of USA with Mexico and Canada which is a member of the 53-nation British Commonwealth which is owned by the German Queen of England Elizabeth Sax Coberg Gotha - All US TV news networks are located in Rockefeller Center in NY City and enforce the total news blackout of Bilderberg in USA - At Bilderberg 2005 Sir Heinz "Henry" Kissinger Jewish Knight of the British Empire demanded oil prices of $150 a barrel - Rabbi David Rockefeller is the only person to attend every Bilderberg meeting for 50 years. Bilderberg was founded by German born Polish Dutch Nazi SS officer, British RAF Wing commander, Bayer IG Farben Death Camp employee, confessed felon, extortionist and embezzler of government funds, and Rotary Club founder Count Bernhard Leopold Friedrich Eberhard Julius Kurt Karl Gottfried Peter of Lippe-Biesterfeld the king prince of Holland, father of the current Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands - Unlike Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Bohemian Club, Bilderberg Group is so secret it has no official name. 80% of CFR members are Jewish -

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