onsdag den 17. september 2008

Crypto Jew Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Saborjhian[26] the son of a blacksmith, was born near Garmsar in the village of Aradan[27] on October 28, 1956.[2] In the 1950s, Ahmadinejad and his family moved from Aradan to Tehran in search of more economic prosperity;[26] It was during this time period that the Saborjhian family changed its name to Ahmadinejad.[28] Wikipedia.
this information can not be seen in wikipedia in Danish or farsi, just in english french and German. this is important because Saborjhian is a Jewish family name, in fact the jhian is used just by non muslim and mostly by Jews, for example there are two ric Jewish family in iran with jhian in the end of their name,they are Badamjhian and Zorofjhian.
Mohsen Rezaei is a very prominent figure in Iran, ex chif commander of the Revolutionary Guard and currently a member of the Suprem Council, He is the first to mention Ahmadinejad's Jewish background in a public statement. which caused a shut down of the internet in Iran, Iraq and part of Pakistan for many hours until the article that was writen in farsi and in his website Baztab.com was taken away,so internet was back again!