søndag den 4. januar 2009


masonspy.jpg Why across the globe has the UK got the greatest disparity between rich and poor? The UK establishment has the most DEVIOUS spy network anywhere on this earth that has monitored EVERYONE living in the UK even before the threat of more high tech surveillance is imposed on a long suffering public.

Masonry is behind virtually all means to spy on you,your family and your assets. Starting right at the top with M.I.5 and 6 run almost entirely like a masonic outfit so secretive and who get away with murder to protect the richest dynasty on the planet while ignoring the rights of UK citizens. A population that can come under their spotlight for one of two reasons.

1. Politically you may view how the UK is run as sinister in every aspect, due to the complete lack of accountability of all the agencies supposedly there to protect you. Those checks and balances are a myth and ensures the regulatory bodies can turn a blind eye to the fraud and corruption that passes as lawful and legitimate business of government and big business. Instead of fighting for the ordinary Joe in the street these regulators are there to white wash any complaints made in relation to how they function and their reports would be used in any legal action that may follow fully supporting the big corporations and government ,no matter how criminal they operate. One reason why so many politicians,lawyers,judges,
cops ,social workers and councillors have got away with vast corruption, as they know their masonic brothers will ensure they do not require to answer to their fraudulent ways.

2. You may have accumulated some wealth in your lifetime that would put you on their radar. Either via masonic banks ,virtually all banks in the UK headed and controlled by masons , who take your money and lend it to their brothers to ensure only masonic run companies survive, as little if any would be given to their competition. Anyone only needs ONE visit to the UK's corrupt CROWN masonic run courts and their judicial lackeys will wipe you out. Family courts run in secret are a MASONIC tool to steal your assets and especially your home that will be offered to a BROTHER at a knock down price after they use their masonic THUGS, bailiffs and cops to throw you illegally onto the street. NEVER A JURY only hand picked masonic judges RUBBER STAMPED by the British monarchy as head of the CROWN who have access to many guns and arsenals while the unarmed populous can only watch as billions of pounds of estates are SEIZED by a murderous CROWN and its myriad of
masonic helpers .

They may not stick a knife in you to finish you off but they are EXPERT at psychological torture either using the threat of removing your children FOREVER, or using malicious allegations by an ex partner to utterly abuse you (hence the need for the endless domestic violence campaigns that are reminiscent of South African apartheid in the extreme gender bias shown to justify removing your lifes work) . Constantly being pressured to have you forcibly removed from your home and the actual enforced eviction is also reminiscent of the Gestapo and goes only DAILY in the UK with little or NO coverage by a complicit masonic controlled mass media.

The UK population are ALL in one way or another the ENEMIES OF THE STATE. However the British media have been EXPERT at curtailing any opportunity to full expose the enormous impact the masonic spy network has, ensuring the long term protection of the UK establishments wealth while continually reducing the rest of the population to paupers after the masonic crown remove everything you have worked for during your lifetime. The only survivors of British courts are the masons themselves who are assured the judical mafia's support no matter what action is taken . As having a masonic brother in judgement, and the vast bulk of British judges are either masons or controlled by masonic power , ensures legal tyranny goes on in courts as there isn't a hope in hell of success against a mason or a company controlled by masons .

In criminal cases many BROTHERS don't even get charged by Britains masonic cops who protect brothers at all cost. So instead, if the crime is really severe and gets some press coverage they will plant evidence such as fingerprints or DNA to stitch up a patsy . One reason why they want everyone chipped with fingerprints and DNA that will make the British cops life so much easier in ensuring major injustice goes on ad infinitum. If a BROTHER does get as far as a court , generally they will close the court to the public, so little or no reporting is made. Then a hand picked masonic judge sits solely in judgement ensuring minimum sentence or some legal twist to allow a mason to walk free from even the most heinous crime . The UK will remain a two tier system of law until these issues are fully exposed and the centuries old system of British courts that protect masons and masonic wealth, while stealing NON masons assets continue .



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